Victoria Linel

Avid bilingual content creator and editor

The Silence of Growing Up Queer

Growing up queer comes with a lot of introspection. When I first started questioning my feelings for girls at 14, I had to reconsider how I saw myself and what I believed about myself. I didn’t know what my feelings meant anymore or whether they were even real. I’d always had playground crushes on boys. Suddenly, I liked a girl? Suddenly, my feelings meant I had to rethink how my entire life was going to pan out. What would happen when I would be an adult? Could I even be gay at 14? I’d only met gay adults.

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Riverdale’s (Too?) Perfect Veronica

“A new mystery rolls into town,” a sleek black car pulls to a stop in front of a mansion, and peeking out from behind its half-open window is Veronica Lodge. Trimmed eyebrows, neatly applied red lipstick, pearls draped around her neck — the new girl is more polished than the gloss of a magazine cover. Her first words, “Quality always,” said in unison with her similarly sophisticated mother, are the key to her character. And there lies much more quality under the surface than her already pristine appearance suggests.

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It’s Not Reality TV. It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.

RuPaul’s Drag Race goes beyond the typical immersion of reality TV shows — its viewers are fully involved in its very real, vibrant, and authentic community. As an audience, we are not just bystanders watching drama unfold. The show has articulated its own reality TV semantics through which it brings drag queens and fans together. The multiplicity of references to past seasons has successfully constructed a cultural capital specific to RuPaul’s Drag Race. The series’ ability to adapt its format, and yet remain loyal to its traditions, is what successfully engages its audience in the world of drag.

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Chaotic Harmony

Hailey’s grip tightened around the handbag, her knuckles white with her bones piercing through. She held on to everything. Grudges, promises, disillusions, what she could be in control of. She was endlessly hanging on, and she was not about to lose this fight. The bag was hers. Nothing else felt secure in her life.

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