Victoria Linel

Avid bilingual content creator and editor


Finding out you are gay is difficult. Being the first person to come out in a Catholic school is even harder. Although I am atheist, I struggled with my sexuality and religion a lot growing up. I was torn between a need to confess, and the safety of staying silent.

"Dial 514" (Montreal area code) is a tribute to my time in university, and the friends I made in Montreal. I filmed the beauty of Saint-Laurent, Atwater/Lachine Canal, the Village, Place des Arts, Place Ville Marie as well as events such as Picnik Electronique and Jazzfest.

Embark on a surreal journey underwater. This experimental video, filmed with a GoPro, captures a boy in trance underwater and floating by in life. 

A man decides to explore life behind-the-scenes, and loses all control of himself.

Short film made in 2015.

Filmed in the Musee d'Orsay, this video explores the meditative space of museums. As visitors gaze at paintings, their walking slows down and becomes dream-like.

Filmed for MOSAIC with testimonies of McGill University students.

Explore Jerusalem's vibrant Old City in under two minutes! I loved visiting Jerusalem, and seeing how alive it is. You should travel there as soon as you can!

"Dreaming Beyond a Living" is the story of a college student overwhelmed by the pressure of success. His dreams are projected on his face, which is a green screen. Made with Matilda Nottage for the Fokus Film Festival 72-hour competition.

A day in my grandparents' lives. I wanted to capture my grandparents' everyday life and their memories. 

The Peer Support Centre offers free, drop-in, confidential and non-judgemental peer-to-peer support and resource referral to McGill students.

This is what childhood is all about: a trampoline, a pool, and a soccer ball. This fun family vacation video captures the memories of summer.

A travel video in the beautiful Greek island, Crete.

A visual adaption of a poem about alcohol written by Blake Snelling when she was 14. 

Synopsis: M. Rabbit has lost his job due to the financial crisis. He falls asleep and dreams of another life... Made with Matilda Nottage, using a Pentax K20D camera, plasticine and lots of patience. The rabbits are inspired by the animation movie "Wallace and Gromit : The Curse of the Were-Rabbit".