Victoria Linel

Avid bilingual content creator and editor


I'm Victoria, and I'm happiest when immersed in a creative project. I live for the thrill of achieving what I set out to do, and I'm constantly aiming to find new approaches to storytelling. 

Through my own work, I quickly discovered that what fascinates me the most is how much you can achieve through editing. 

In college and in high school, I spent hours working on the montage of my audiovisual projects until an hour of raw footage became a polished work of four minutes.

In elementary school, I wrote a 20-page French story that I then rewrote into a 212-page English novel in middle school. I spent months editing and improving this project before self-publishing it online. Every goal I have established for myself revolves around the same fascination and aim: giving a creative work more and more meaning in each draft.